Psalm 6 adapted to the tune of Greensleeves.  




How long, how long? Lord, I am faint.

My bones cry out in agony.

My soul in anguish, fades away.

O Lord, how long til mercy?

Turn Lord and deliver me,

Unfailing love can rescue me.

Hear Lord, my desperate plea,

How long, how long til mercy?

All night I cry, my bed is drenched,

My eyes grow weak with sorrow.

I cannot see past a raging foe

How long, how long, til mercy?

God, God has heard my plea,

My sorrow and my weeping

See, see the mercy seat.

I wait, await your mercy.

God, God has heard our plea,

Our sorrow and our weeping

See, see the mercy seat.

We wait, await your mercy.



Psalm 6 (To the tune of Greensleeves) Chord Chart

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